<aside> 🐕 Bounties

1 – Dev Feature Bonanza

2 – Onboarding Feature Improvement

3 – Custom Tokens

4 – Revoke Contract Permissions

5 – Custom In-Wallet Avatar



Taho is the first community-owned Web3 wallet. We’re committed to always being free and open source. Our code base is released under GPLv3, so developers can contribute without worried that closed source projects will lift their code.

Every submission to one of the Taho Bounties will be awarded a Taho ETHDenver POAP, whether or not your project wins a bounty prize. We want to recognize every developer that gets involved with Taho’s Mission and becomes a part of the Taho developer community.

Make sure to include up to five (5) wallet addresses with your submission so we can send you a POAP!

Connect with Taho @ ETH Denver 2023